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Dada Poem
Boredom touches the tongue of winter
the sands of time slip down my brow
and no-one knows where I'll be
in eight or nine days time
my fingers are cramping
my sternum's compressed
my heart is still beating
my stomach digests
Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring
Giggle, Hiccup, Bellow, Sing
Hop, Skip, Jump, Run
Pity, Sadness, Anger, Fun
A poem created in 10 seconds or less
Is more then likely gonna turn out a mess
But this wasn't serious it was just a joke
...derp :)
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 1 10
why i love the yellow ranger by AlekZandarr why i love the yellow ranger :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 4 4 Arnold by AlekZandarr Arnold :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 5 4
A Reason to Live
Do you have a reason to live?
Or, like me, do you only have a reason to not die?
What I mean is that "Everything in this life has two things: Reason and Consequence"
While you are on this earth, what are your plans?
Who are you helping?
How are you adding to the earth that would give you more reason to stay longer than anyone else?
If someone jumped you in the middle of the night, put a gun to your head, and asked you "why should I let you live?" What would be your answer?
I would unfortunately have to let him kill me because I honestly have no reason to live.
I would like to say now, that in no way do I think everyone deserves to die unless they can answer that question, because as I said before, most of us have a reason not to die.
Death is not the cessation of life, it is merely the creation of a corpse. I am still here, I am just unusable.
If I died, it would effect everyone around me. My Mother, Brother, Father, Step-Father, Cousins, Friends, Colleagues. Everyone.
That is the reas
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 4 7
Towards the Sun
The Sunflower,
will always gaze,
Towards the sun.
With neither hate,
nor regret.
Even through strong winds,
and heavy rain.
It will continue to look up,
with a smile.
And Patiently bear the pain,
While waiting for the sun,
To shine on it,
just once more.
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 2 4
Birds of a Feather - Chapter 1
The piercing sound of mechanical bells rang in unison through the corridors of Mataku Academy, closely followed by the laughter and low rumble of footsteps as students frantically escaped the clutches of their classroom teachers and respective subjects.
Students lounged around everywhere; eating, talking, and studying. Blue and grey uniforms seemed to almost blend the Academy's students into the walls if it weren't for their constant movement.
Rin stared blankly at the object lying in her palms. Her dark brown hair shadowed her face as she turned the glimmering object over.
She tried tilting her head… that always helped.
"Hmm" Her brow furrowed in thought.
It was clear that figuring out this object would take a lot more thinking than she was used to. Her expression slowly went blank as she began to wonder what she was going to have for dinner…
"Well, what do you think?" Natsuki asked intently. The wide smile on her face seemed to spill with excitement. She bobbed on the spot,
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 0 7
Who are you? by AlekZandarr Who are you? :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 0 18 Lost in Translation by AlekZandarr Lost in Translation :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 1 14
Knights of the Square Table
Hierarchy of the Table
King Millican (nice ring to it, huh?)
Self-Styled King of Creepy
and Hater of Children
Queen Cherry
Sovereign of Crazy
and Destroyer of Jesters
Countess Campbell
Mother to All
and Possible Witch
Jester Drenoski
Executioner by Puns
and Annoyer of the Table
Lady O'Hara (haha that actually sounds proper)
Writer of Stories
and Provider of Cookies
Mistress Patrice (she's just a mistress, she doesn't have a last name hehe)
Love-child of Random and Crazy
and Eater of Fruit Loops
Lady Pierce
Stalker of Bon Jovi
and Worrier of Keelan and Bondage
Sister Carder
Town Drunk
and Lover of Turtles
Maharaja Saheed
1337 H4x0r
and Telemarketer (suggested by Phillip)
Consort of Elaine
and Destroyer of Buildings
aaaaaand Mass Seductress
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 3 19
Prologue - Dystopia
The screen fades in from black. Gunshots and shouting is heard.
The camera pans over a rundown suburb, the streets remain lifeless, devoid of traffic or movement.
A flickering TV set is shown through the display window of a deserted store, a news presenter talks inaudibly while scenes of destruction and riot play out behind her.

A dishevelled young man, looking not over 17 years of age strode through his hometown. It didn't look like it did the last time he had been there, but that didn't surprise him, nowhere was the same anymore.
He wore a bulky leather jacket over a singlet, ripped full-length jeans and walked with a noted suspicion about him, constantly tightening and loosening his grip on the metal pipe he held, much like an OCD patient counts numbers.
"What did you do to me? In that… that… place…? I feel… like I can take on…the world." He giggled hysterically at his own words "You know what? I… I will!" He giggled again as he a
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 0 11
Momoko-chan by AlekZandarr Momoko-chan :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 0 5
A Valentine's Day Poem
Today I wrote a poem,
and like always it had to rhyme.
It was a poem just for you,
my lovely valentine
But I couldn't find any words,
as cute or funny as you.
'Cos none of them would rhyme,
none of them would do.
And so I sat in silence,
sweet words going through my mind.
When your sweet laughing face,
was all that I could find.
It was just then that I realised,
what no words could ever do.
And all I needed for valentines,
was to be close to you.
:iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 5 11
Bacchikoi Allstars by AlekZandarr Bacchikoi Allstars :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 1 8 Sketch Girl by AlekZandarr Sketch Girl :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 1 11 The Fire Inside by AlekZandarr The Fire Inside :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 1 7 Sheep City by AlekZandarr Sheep City :iconalekzandarr:AlekZandarr 0 14


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